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Equipment for road construction service


Our company is the independent leading supplier of TF-Trading A/S (Denmark) levelling systems and ignition systems for asphalt pavers.

TF-Trading A/S is the leading supplier world wide of leveling equipment for asphalt pavers such as self-levelling systems for asphalt pavers and road milling machines, inclusive the unique digital system for road milling monitoring, which allows to control it from both sides, gas joint heaters and monitoring systems for asphalt pavers, special measuring systems and test equipment for testing of density and asphalt layers, lab equipment for central-mixing plant, followed by the unique infra-red burners for testing quality of asphalt, test equipment for testing of concrete quality, infra-red joint heaters for pavers for patching and running repairs, monitoring systems for temperature controls of asphalt, also for pavers and so one.

At the same time we supply, maintain and repair automatic equipment Grad-Line, which was approved itself as the simplest, safe and easy for repair system of leveling for pavers in the world! This is approved by thousands of sells all round the world, as well as to manufacturer paver plants such as England, the USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, Malaysia,  India. Also many copies of Grad-Line enviably appears on the market, re-named and manufactured in Germany, Sweden etc, which also supports this fact.

We are also ready to provide any road construction company with everything they need- lab equipment, inclusive joint heaters and quality test equipment. Also technical product innovations, which are already used in Russia, such as self-contained devices for express testing of density and asphalt layers on site.

We give a big attention to our service. That’s why we provide with quality and fast repair works any lab equipment, which is made and supplied by our company. And also we take care of our clients by repairing equipment made by the other manufactures. As example for it we can repair any MOBA sensors during one hour by the guarantee 1 year.

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All repairs are certified.
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