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Since 1998, our company has been supplying the products of BAROID Company. During this time a huge number of companies in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Baltic States appreciated the quality of our products and successfully use our bentonite and polymers for directional drilling and microtunneling on such machines as: VERMEER, DitchWitch, CASE, Tracto-Technik , Prime Drilling, Schmidt Kranz, Robbins, Straightline, American Augers, Herrenknecht, Lovat, Soltau.

Delivery of bentonite and polymers grew up together with the development of HDD branch . In 1998 the first deliveries were made in Moscow for the needs of one of the pioneers of drilling method of horizontal directional drilling in Russia - Rostelecom branch of SOMES.

Since then much has changed. Since 2000, we are the authorized distributor BAROID IDP, which allowed us to work with the factory more efficiently and without intermediaries. Now products BAROID Industrial Drilling Products, you can easily purchase from one of our warehouses in Moscow, St. - Petersburg, Tyumen. For Moscow and Moscow region customer service is available "emergency delivery" *. You can always get advice over the phone toll free line + 7 (495) 764-3334, available 24/7.

We are always ready to train your operators drilling facilities and mixing facilities for working with drilling fluids. Need a help on the job site - call us. Do not know where to start - call. Forgot your recipe or are in doubt – ask. We offer our 10 years of experience in heavy soils, such as variations of sand, gravel, pebbles, debris, peat.

We are doing everything possible to reduce your costs to a minimum. Therefore, we are the first in Russia who started to sell a drilling mix from a warehouse in Moscow, and not under the order. We are the first who introduced a minimum balance of bentonite and polymers in a warehouse in Moscow. We are the first who began to support a full range of drilling mixes for all types of soils. We are the first who embarked on a special polymer additive to reduce the torque and pressure during drilling and microtunneling. We are the first who introduced the concept of "personal training". We are the first who crossed the one-year mark of sales of bentonite and polymers at 1000 tons. Last year we sold bentonite and polymers, more than all the other sellers of bentonite and polymers together. We are the first who started to sell the field laboratory for continuous monitoring of the mud.

Therefore we are pleased to provide our services and for your company, and will be glad to see you among our customers.

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