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Equipment for cable laying & electric power line


Company HYDROFLEX is Russia’s largest supplier of equipment for laying power cables underground Jakob Thaler and installation of power lines Zeck for the needs of the power grid facilities of the Russian Federation.

Around the world, the German engineering enjoys an enviable success, thanks to the technical reliability, excellent service and individual attention to each customer. Use of equipment Jakob Thaler and Zeck significantly reduces the time and human resources, and, consequently, reduces the cost of works and raises the quality of their accomplishments to the highest level.

Jakob Thaler GmbH since 1964 is one of the world's largest manufacturers of equipment for installation and maintenance of copper, power and fiber-optic cable (FOC), which are used in telecommunications and energy. Delivered the first winch for the cable to the USSR in 1986, Jakob Thaler GmbH methodically and systematically increased its supplies to Russia. Currently Thaler covers almost 90% market share of hydraulic winches for underground cable laying in Russia. In this case, no one serious federal order for underground cabling 110-500 kV is complete without the participation of machines Thaler.

Zeck GmbH c 1966 produces equipment for the construction of overhead transmission lines and contact networks. Currently around the world is using more than 4000 machines manufactured by Zeck. Among longtime customers of Zeck equipment are Siemens (since 1969) and ABB (1983). With a long and successful history of producing machines for the cable on the transmission line, the Bavarian firm Zeck GmbH was virtually unknown in Russia. During the "crisis" in 2009 the company HYDROFLEX shipped the first set of equipment for overhead cable laying "under the tension force” in Eastern Siberia and began full-scale work to promote the product Zeck in the Russian market. As a result, in 2010, our company has carried out nearly 50% of the supply of traction and braking machines in Russia and the other half divided among the numerous Italian and Chinese manufacturers. And to work on unique job sites in the sector of 750 kV equipment for the cable supplied only by us.

In Russia and CIS countries the interests of plants Jakob Thaler GmbH and Zeck GmbH is exclusively represented by the HYDROFLEX Company.

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