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Mobile service


Today our company has a fully staffed mobile service and ready to quickly and efficiently cope with the difficulties encountered by our customers directly on the job site, eliminating the long delays in repairing equipment and large costs.

Completing unit of mobile service includes:

 • mobile diagnostic hydraulic tester;
 • a device for determining the presence of mechanical impurities in the hydraulic system;
 • laser scanner;
 • installation of hydraulic cleaning from the solids and water;
 • laser thermometer;
 • system acoustic monitoring to detect “noise” in the hydraulic system;
 • tester for automatic leveling system of the asphalt paver;
 • combined tester for diagnostic of pavers VOGELE;
 • electric meter of the vibration;
 • scanner for excavators and loaders HITACHI “Dz.Zx.”;
 • electronic dynamometer;
 • self-contained hydraulic puller tool with a force to 70 tons;
 • device for the automatic welding;
 • diesel generator;
 • lighting mast.

Turning to our experts, you can always expect a qualified and professional assistance. A mobile service team will carry out a diagnosis, identify the fault and as far as possible to eliminate it in place. In our park of mobile-service we have the scaffold truck and allows quickly carrying out the dismantling/assembly of the large hydraulic rotation groups and transporting it overhaul base for repairs.

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