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Production of high-pressure hoses (HPH)


One of the activities of our company is producing the hydraulic hoses (HPH).

High quality HPH is one of the most important factors in the non-stop work of construction machinery. That is why, in our production we use only imported hoses and fittings, and installation of the terminal fittings (fittings) made on German equipment. In this case,  installation of fittings made without prior cleaning of the rubber layer on the hoses (technology NO-SKIVE), which, in turn, eliminates the risk of damage to the power braided hose, resulting in increased reliability and extends the life of the HPH.

We produce the hydraulic hoses (HPH) not only metric sizes, but inch, which are equipped with such machines as CATERPILLAR, JOHN DEERE, VERMEER, DITCH WITCH, ROBBINS etc. Facility is equipped with the test bench, which guarantees the highest quality products.

Technical equipment allows small-scale production HPH to 2 000 pie-ces per month, and if necessary the performance of production can    be increased to 20 000 pieces per month.

If you produce equipment and machinery having a hydraulic drive, we are pleased to provide your production with high-quality hydraulic hoses, provide a clear timetable for production and supplies, provide   a personal manager, offer attractive prices and guarantee the highest quality of world-class.

We are also gladly produce a hydraulic hose (HPH) in an expeditious manner on your sample.

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