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Repair of gearboxer


Our company is an authorized service center for repairing of Carraro and O&K ANTRIEBSTECHNIK gearboxes. If your technics or equipment are manufactured in factories in Europe, most likely on your equipment was installed a gearboxes Carraro.

There are our trained and experienced engineers and one of the most modern and technically advanced repair bases in Russia allow us to repair your gearbox for a minimum time and thanks to our direct relationship with the manufacturer Carraro without intermediaries – to make repairs with minimal cost.

All repaired gearboxes have a warranty.
Our mobile service teams will provide repair 24h/7-day and if necessary will carry out dismantling and assembly of gearboxes by our service. If the repaired rotation group can't be restored or repaired economically impractical or if you are a manufacturer of construction equipment and you need hydrostatic transmissions, axles and gearboxes, we are gladly supply to you original spare parts. Plus, will provide your machine with maintenance service 24h/7-day and 365 days a year.

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All repairs are certified.
Certificate of conformity № POCC RU.MP00.M00014