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Cleaning the hydraulic systems


Experience shows that more than 80% of all failures of hydraulic pumps and motors are a direct result of contamination of hydraulic system and the availability of mechanical particles in the hydraulic fluid! That's why you should pay particular attention primarily on the purity of the oil and take timely measures to clear the hydraulic system from mechanical impurities.

Using a self-contained installation of forced cleaning the hydraulic system, we may at any time to bring the purity of the hydraulic system into full compliance with ISO4406: 1999 (NAS1638) right on your job site. A built-in laser scanner that allows quickly and accurately determines the number and size of solid particles in the system to be removed,  and which have been removed.

Preventive measures to clean the hydraulic system from mechanical impurities provide the following positive changes:
 • extend the life of hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, valves and distributors in more than two times;
 • reducing the risk of failure of hydraulic units in the warranty period;
 • reducing downtime technique in the repair zone;
 • the absence of transport costs for the evacuation of a faulty technique to the repair zone;
 • reducing the cost of renting similar technique to replace   defective.

Note. Complete replacement of the hydraulic oil and hydraulic filters can't clean the hydraulic system of mechanical impurities and water, as water settles in the tank and the solid particles remain in valves, pumps, motors and on the walls of the high pressure hoses.

Using a special filter elements (water absorbers) the specialists of our service may also carry out the forced cleaning of hydraulic system from water, on-site at your facility. If the tank capacity hydraulic system of your equipment is more than 700 liters, we can make cleaning the hydraulic system from the water by installation a vacuum evaporation.

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