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Hydraulic cylinders


Our company offers professional maintenance of imported cylinders of any complexity for road, construction, trucks, drilling, utilities and other heavy equipment, and industrial equipment of all types and sample.
We are a specialized center for repair of large hydraulic cylinders with a diameter of 500 mm barrels and long barrels to 6000 mm. This kind of hydraulic cylinders are accepted for repair only after prior consultation. As well produce the repair of telescopic hydraulic cylinders, such as tipping bodies and trailers.

Repairs carried out on advanced of repair base in Moscow, equipped with a unique repair and diagnostic equipment.

For example, the German bench for assembly / disassembly of hydraulic cylinders and control tests with the air system of the outlet hydraulic oil is only us. As distinct from most companies that advertise repair services for cylinders with subsequent tests, the real test of each repaired cylinder is performed by us, because we have whereon they are tested. In the process of repairing the hydraulic cylinder we hold the following actions:

• replacement of seals hydraulic cylinder;
• replacement of the rod hydraulic cylinder;
• replacement of the barrel cylinder;
• replacement of the piston cylinder
• manufacture of piston;
• manufacture of barrel
• manufacture of rod
• rebuilding of the lugs  hydraulic cylinder
• rebuilding of the lobes  hydraulic cylinder
• honing of the barrel hydraulic cylinder
• control test on bench

Repair of hydraulic cylinders is performed in the shortest possible time thanks to a wide range of spare parts and wear parts in our warehouse.

Always in stock more than 3000 items of seals and more than 200 sizes of barrels and rods. And the highest quality is achieved by a systematic approach, experienced personnel, cutting-edge equipment and using only imported components produced in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

Each lovingly renovated our hydraulic cylinder is in the process control tests on our diagnostic stand, and only then receive the warranty card.

Existence of its own laboratory to test the purity of hydraulic oil allows us to competently and efficiently respond to most questions of our customers, which relate to premature breakdowns hydraulic units. Oil analysis is carried out in our own laboratory on a unique laser scanner. The test takes 2 minutes and allows you to get 100% accurate information about the purity of hydraulic oil, currently in use on your machine, by that prevent future premature failure of your hydraulics.

We are also willing to give two mobile service teams to help you dismantle and after repair - hydraulic cylinders mounted to your equipment.

If your cylinder is worn so that is not subject to Restoring - we gladly make for you a new cylinder. Time of manufacture is 3 working days.
Template for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

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All repairs are certified.
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