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Analysis of hydraulic oil


Permanent monitoring of hydraulic oils by analysis in our company and it will provide a better control of the state machinery, leading to a reduction in downtime, time spent on troubleshooting and consequently lower operating costs.

Do not forget that the vehicle has a hydraulic tank is, it also needs periodic cleaning. With every hour of the content of pollutants in the oil increases, which can lead to wear, scuffing, corrosion and failure of hydroelectric and hydraulic system as a whole.

Run time of one test – 2 minutes! Testing is conducted on a laser scanner in accordance with ISO4406: 1999 (NAS 1638) and has no analogues in Russia. If oil was found with the debris larger than 50 microns it's necessary to make a full cleaning the hydraulic system by installing a forced filtration. Oil analysis also allows to reliably determining is whether your case broken hydraulics warranty in respect of the purity of oil.

If you have plan to buy a vehicle which was in operation, the oil test will allow a prompt, reliable and very inexpensive to determine the actual state of the hydraulic system of the machine. Practice shows that “used” construction machinery and commercial vehicles, which are in abundance were imported into Russia from the USA, Europe, Japan and Korea, the bulk are in, to put it mildly, “not ideal” state, especially in the hydraulic system. And disaster recovery of the hydraulic system then leads to significant financial and time expenditures.

We offer you not only oil analysis. In addition to the analysis you receive a written report, comments on it and recommendations for further action. Any analysis will be presented in an understandable form for you.

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