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Hydraulic motors & pumps


When repairing the hydraulics required a delicate approach and skilled staff in connection with the manufacture of exacting precision hydraulic parts. We provide professional repair of hydraulic motors and pumps from manufacturers such as POCLAIN, PARKER, BOSCH-REXROTH, HAGGLUNDS, SAUER, KAWASAKI, DANFOSS, SALAMI, KAYABA, VICKERS, VOLVO, CHAR-LYNN, CATERPILLAR, CALZONI, LIEBHERR, LINDE, UCHIDA, COMMERCIAL INTERTECH, DENISON, STEIMEL, HPI, STAFFA, SAI, IHC, HMT, BRUENINGHAUS HYDROMATIK. 

Repair of hydraulic pumps and motors is carried out by professionals with more than 30 years of experience. Their experience is complemented by the unique equipment that allows you to significantly improve the quality of work. We have the latest German bench for control testing hydraulic pumps and motors. The bench has a reversible motor with integrated inverter, which allows you to smoothly change the speed. A system of heating oil can run a bench in the job immediately, the temperature of the hydraulic fluid will be working as on your equipment, so as to maximize an objective simulate the hydraulic group at its normal location. The bench was made specifically for our order in Germany and has no analogues in Russia and CIS countries.

Repair shop of hydraulic group also equipped with an automatic car wash, where the new parts (rotation group) are in the process depreservation. Hydraulic presses with a force of up to 150 tons allow our experts to accurately and quickly remove the bearings and gears without any problems. With the help of crack detector we can always quickly analyze the body parts of hydraulic pumps and motors for the presence of microcracks. Our specialists regularly undergo training and improve their skills at manufacturing plants in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France and the Czech Republic that the best way affects the quality of hanging repairs hydraulics.

Through direct relationships with many manufacturers, there are no dealers, well-established system of logistics and develop systems of delivery by air, we were able to create a unique and professional customer service. We are always expanding its warehouse stock of rotation groups and consumable materials for the rapid repair of hydraulic groups. For example, we have all the necessary spare parts to repair any hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor with any model of Hitachi excavators to 400-th model. We have also introduced a minimum balance of spare parts for hydraulic Bosch-RexRoth, installed on excavators TVEKS and KRANEKS.

When referring to our experts, you can always rely on skilled and professional assistance in the repair of hydraulics. A mobile team will carry out a diagnosis of partial hydraulic groups and hydraulic system as a whole on your job site, identify the fault and if possible eliminate it in situ. Also, our specialists can to take- down a faulty hydraulic unit and bring it to our base for repairs.

Paying particular attention to the technical equipment service and service-mobiles, we are doing everything to raise the level of services provided by us to repair to the highest level. Maintenance of such a huge amount of different techniques has also allowed accumulating invaluable experience on the diagnosis and repair of almost all the world manufacturers of hydraulics.

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