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Special services


Service department of HYDROFLEX LLC provides the full range of necessary repairs for the efficient and trouble-free service of your road, construction, municipal, agricultural and other special  machinery and equipment including such works as:

• installation/dismantling of faulty rotation groups;

 • installation/dismantling of drive gear for hydraulic pumps and motors on the road;

 • pressing-out of bearings and gears on the road;

 • installation of a filters-separators;

 • test of hydraulic equipment in the diagnostic test bench;

 • diagnostics of HITACHI excavators and loaders by the tester “Dr.Zx.”;

 • production of hydraulic hoses (HPH) on the road;

 • defectoscopy of steel products and non ferrous metals on the presence of microcracks;

 • repair of a bentonite pumps;

 • repair of a reamer bits for HDD drilling rigs with the replacement cutters;

 • commissioning of machines in operation;

 • carrying out maintenance at the job site by the mobile service;

 • provision of spare parts;

 • carrying out emergency repairs, including off-hour (for customers who have maintenance subscription).

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All repairs are certified.
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