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Service maintenance


Think about it: when was the last time did you do maintenance of your equipment? How often do you do maintenance operation and in what case do you remember it – probably only when your vehicle breaks down: “clogged” hydraulic system, metal particles got into oil, hydraulic pump broke, “flowed” seal and appeared the scratches on the rod of hydraulic cylinder ...

Each fault has a reason. One of the reasons is failure to maintenance of machinery. But as a rule, everyday workload and "forgetfulness" is doing its work: the technique exploited to the full depreciation and usually premature.

We offer a maintenance service of your equipment by our service. Our experienced and obliging staff TIMELY will diagnose hydraulic machine, replace all filters, clean if necessary hydraulic system of solids and water and will change the oil.

At the disposal of our engineers cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, which allows to reliably determine the status of your equipment and determine the type of fault if it exists. For example, failures in the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems of excavators HITACHI our experts determine within 15 minutes using original tester “Dr.Zx.” and oil analysis we perform in our own laboratory (in the class of ISO4406: 1999 or NAS 1638).

The availability of the customer in the range of 1 000 km from Moscow allows to work by mobile services. In the more remote regions of our employees are emitted by air transport.

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